Click and Safe

What is Click-and-Safe?

Click-and-Safe is a partnership between parents, the school photographer, and law enforcement officials. The goal is to help keep kids safe by providing a way for parents and law enforcement to be able to access and download a good RECENT photo of a missing child within minutes.

How do I en roll my child in Click-and-Safe?

When your child's school photo is taken by Lou Coopey's All Pro School Photography you will be given the opportunity to it stored, free of charge, on the Click-and-Safe database. You will receive a Click-and-Safe card with your child’s secure pass code.

How do I use Click-and-Safe?

To access your child’s photo, go to this website and follow the instructions under the Click-and-Safe Tab.

More information from the Click & Safe website

Click and Safe does not share the personal information of your children online.